Memories, for the most part, serve a number of purposes, especially in regards to serving as a welcome memento and reminder of particularly happy points in your life. Unfortunately, overtime, memories can fade away, lost in a seemingly bottomless abyss somewhere in your mind’s eye. With the passing of time, memories can become more and more distant, until eventually they’re gone forever. Sometimes when it comes to memories and memorable events, we need welcome reminders to help refresh our memories and to help encourage all of the happy feelings and emotions to come flooding back.

Having a new born baby for example, is one of the most magical and rewarding experiences of your entire life, yet sadly, as your baby will grow up so quickly, it can seem as if you’ve blinked one second, and an entire year has passed. Of course you will cherish your children forever, no matter what age they are, but in terms of parenthood, that first year of your baby’s life is one of the most magical and important years ever, as it will not only pass by so quickly, but it will also be packed full of milestones that you may want to remember forever.

Well, if you want to document and remember these milestones forever, why not hire a newborn baby photographer? There are many, many benefits associated with hiring a newborn baby photographer, so let’s take a more in-depth look at just a few of them, shall we?

What exactly is a newborn baby photographer?

Put simply, a newborn baby photographer is a professional photographer that specialises in photographing newborn babies and parents. These photographers are highly skilled, have years upon years of experience under their belts, have access to the best possible photography equipment, and know all of the tricks of the trade in order to create some truly magical photographs of newborn babies, and their proud parents, grandparents, and various other members of the family as well.

So, now that we know more about the photographer behind the lens, let’s now take a look at a few of the main benefits and advantages associated with hiring a professional photographer to help document your baby’s first year of growth and development.

Cement memories forever

One of the main benefits of newborn baby photography is the fact that it allows you to cement memories forever. By having professional photographs taken of your newborn baby, you can capture specific memories and moments forever. You get to see your newborn baby in all their natural beauty, and years down the line, can simply look at these images, compare them with your child, and see exactly how much your child has changed.

They’re ideal for photo albums and for when you’re feeling nostalgic, and best of all, they allow you to never forget just how beautiful and perfect your newborn baby was.

Capture baby’s milestones

During their first year of development, there are going to be a number of milestones for your baby, which, thanks to professional photographs, you can now capture forever. For example, learning how to smile and laugh are both two huge milestones, so why not document them via photos? A smiling/laughing baby is one of the most stunning things in the entire world, and capturing a smiling or laughing baby on image is sure to create a perfect photo.

Other milestones include crawling, waving, sitting up, possibly even taking their first steps, all of which you can document and record beautifully with professional baby portraits.

Stunning and professional images

Let’s face it, as great as the camera on your smart phone may be, you’re never going to be able to take professional-style photographs yourself, with no training and only basic equipment. By hiring a professional photographer however, you’re guaranteed absolutely stunning and beautiful professional images, that you will simply adore.

The lighting, background, and editing will be perfect, your baby, and indeed anybody else you include in the images, will also look fabulous, and all in all, you’ll be left with professional looking photographs that you can frame, upload to social media, save to your smart phone, add to photo albums, or even turn into wall art canvases.

Embarrassing 18th birthday photos

Ok, your child’s 18th birthday may seem like a lifetime away from right now, but eventually it will come around, and what better way to embarrass them on the day they’re officially classed as an adult, than to break out the baby photos and show all of their friends what they looked like at just a few weeks/months old?

If you’re going to embarrass them, you may as well embarrass them in style, rather than just printing off a simple smart phone snap from your Facebook page.